Clipper Café weekly menu

Monday January 24th

Main – Chicken Asian Wrap (Chicken, Chow main, Lettuce, Red Onion, Tomato with Chili Mayonnaise).

Second Choice – Greek Salad with Garlic Toast.

Tuesday January 25th

Main – Beef Enchiladas (Ground Beef, Black Beans, Corn and Cheese). Served with Mexican Rice.

Second Choice – Sausage and Egg Muffin (English Muffin, Egg, Cheese Sausage). $3.50 Each.

Wednesday January 26th

Main – Chicken and Waffle Sandwich (Fried Egg, Cheese, Arugula, and Maple Sriracha Sauce) served with Hashbrowns.

Second Choice – Hummus Platter (Assorted Vegetables and Pita Chips)

Thursday January 27th

Main – Spaghetti Bolognese with Caesar Salad and Garlic Toast.

Second Choice – Grilled Cheese with Soup

“FRIED”- Day – January 28th

Main – Classic Cheese Burger Loaded (Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickles, Mayo and Mustard).

Second Choice – Poutine



Programming options for not attending in-person

The DRCSS is authorized to provide in person, quality learning for students.  Periods of temporary remote learning are authorized by the Province of Manitoba, including the week of January 10-14, 2022.  During these temporary periods of remote learning or when students fall ill, the DRCSS will provide learning materials short term (i.e. one week).  MVSD provides options for long term remote learning for students who require it.  Below are descriptions and eligibility requirements for long term remote learning.  Parents are asked to contact the DRCSS main office to discuss or request changes in programming.


  • Home Study – online learning through BrightSpace platform for students who require a medical accommodation, separate from COVID.  To be eligible, students must provide a letter of support from a medical practitioner.  Students enrolled in BrightSpace will continue working through this platform for the entire semester.
  • Remote learning – online learning through Informnet (Manitoba online school) for students who require a medical accommodation related to COVID.  To be eligible, students must provide a letter of support from a medical practitioner.  Students enrolled in Informnet will continue working through this programming for the entire semester.
  • Home School – learning is done at home, facilitated and supervised by parents.  Students must be registered with Home School Manitoba and have the option to enroll in Informnet classes (online) at the family’s expense. 

Final Assessments:

The DRCSS will be suspending all Final Assessments for Semester 1 and Semester 2 for the 2021-22 school year.  This decision is in response to the uncertainties that Covid may have on our students and staff.  We want to alleviate added anxiety on the part of both students and teachers. Our goal is to allow teachers to adapt classroom practices as the public health situation warrants. Lastly, we want to allow our teachers to be able to better respond to mental health and well-being concerns of students without any added pressures of a final assessment.

Final grades will be calculated at 100% of regular course work.  There will not be a “final assessment week” in either semester.  Students will attend until the last day of classes for each semester to learn and be assessed.  February 3rd is the last day of classes for semester 1.

Please contact Mr. Casavant should you have any questions.

Mask Compliance

Due to how contagious the omicron variant is, masks are to remain on at all times.  The exceptions are for short mask breaks which can be done in a stationary position.   Moving breaks are not to occur as the chance of spread is increased exponentially.  This includes eating and drinking while walking in the hallways.  In classrooms that are not ideally spaced, eating and drinking during class may not be permitted.  These measures are in place solely for all of our protection.

Powerschool Update:

Beginning in February 2022, DRCSS students and families will notice on PowerSchool that final percentage grades will not be posted for semester 2 courses.  Individual assessment grades, assignments names and due dates, and student attendance will still be visible on the PowerSchool app or the PowerSchool website.  Please consult the updated Student Handbook, available on the DRCSS website, for details or click here to read the full update.

Lunch Hour Update

In order to assist in maintaining proper physical distancing during lunch hour, bus-eligible students can remain in the school for lunch.  We would ask students who live in town and do not rely on bussing, to go home for lunch hour.  This will stay in place until Covid restrictions are more favourable.

Alpine Ski Club

Students wishing to join the Alpine Ski Club need to see Miss Sochan ASAP. For all current members, there is a survey on Teams that everyone needs to fill out to confirm future attendance at trips.


Need to know Season 2 Episode 18

DRCSS Hockey - (General Manager; Mr. Alf) - The Clipper Hockey team was able to get in 2 out of 3 three games this past week.   On Wednesday, they travelled to Russell to take on Major Pratt and were playing end to end with the Trojans going into the third down 3-2 but ended up losing 7-2.  The Clippers rebounded with W yesterday against Deloraine on the road beating the Colts 5-1!  The Clippers are now 10-5-2-2 on the season.

DRCSS Varsity Girls and Boys Bball- (Coaches Ms. Michaluk and Steve Hudyma, Coaches; Mr. Marshall, Josh Marshall, Supervisor; Mr. Fisher) - The Varsity Girls and Boys Clipper Bball teams were supposed to host Ste Rose last Friday but games were cancelled due to road closures.  On Saturday, the Clippers hosted MBCI (The Pas), where the Varsity Girls took down the Spartans 54-43, and the Boys had a great third quarter but couldn't pull out the win, losing 45-60.   

DRCSS  JV Boys Bball - (Coaches; Mr. Matskiw and Mr. Kunza) - The Clipper JV Boys basketball team hosted the GPCI Varsity Boys team.  The Clippers were in tough against a Varsity team, but they played hard and never gave but came up short, losing 40-60.  Great work Clippers!