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Education for the remainder of the year…what you need to know. 1) Homework packages are to be completed by the end of this week and turned in for formative assessment by teachers.  This assessment does not become part of the final grade but still needs to be completed in order to achieve the credit.  Packages can be dropped off at the DR April 13th-17th from 9:00-3:30 or emailed to the teacher. 2) All students must continue to engage in their courses moving forward.  Their mark cannot go down from here on out but they can receive an incomplete grade if they haven’t completed the material/Essential Learning Outcome’s as assigned by the teacher moving forward.  Students can increase their grade as well from here on out.  ALL STUDENTS MUST ENGAGE in all learning opportunities to there potential IN ORDER TO ATTAIN THE CREDIT AND TO GRADUATE. Those who were removed from the Grad list prior to the suspension of courses will not be eligible to Graduate. 3)  It is highly likely that Grad will be re-scheduled to a different time.  More information to follow. 4) Beginning April 13th, new learning will occur. It is likely that the recommended amount of contact time per course per week will be in the area of approximately 3 hours.  This means that a student should be working on a course for approx. 3 hrs a week.  All year courses would be prorated to 1.5 hrs a week.  Teachers will be in touch with their students/parents to review expectations moving forward. 5)      Students/parents wanting to access the school to get belongings can email Mr. Casavant norman.casavant@mvsd.ca to make arrangements.
MVSD Lip Dub Video Clip

We're All in this Together!

This week many of our MVSD staff have been working on a community-building wellness project - check out their video by clicking on the above link! During this process, staff were able to practice their tech skills in video production, Office 365 collaboration and OneDrive file management. Great job! We're all in this together!
playground use prohibited

Playground Use Prohibited

Use of playground equipment is prohibited at this time to limit the spread of COVID-19. We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to use nearby greenspaces.
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Scholarship Info

Just a reminder to students to check out the scholarship information and links, which may be found under Parents & Students > Scholarships. Click on the above link for direct access to the page!

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