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DRCSS Honors

DRCSS Honours Revisions and Rationale

DRCSS Honours is used to recognize students who demonstrate academic, vocational, and performing arts excellence.

The criteria used by DRCSS staff to calculate honours has been revised.  The updates and rationales are:

  • Why and how did this revision happen?
    • Why – education has been, and continues, changing including instruction and assessment practices.  A divisional, provincial, or national standard does not exist for calculating honours at the high school level.  The DRCSS wanted to ensure criteria used to recognize student excellence was relevant and valid amidst the changing educational landscape.
    • How - There has been ongoing discussion with staff and stakeholders for several years regarding honours (including the history of “honours”, honours criteria in other Manitoba high schools, the purpose of honours, changes in instruction and assessment practices).  The Awards and Scholarship Committee drafted the criteria to update honours eligibility.

  • “Honours with distinction” was removed; “Honours” = 90%+ average on eligible courses. 
    • Rationale: We reconsidered what excellence means and raised the standard for student achievement as the top performers within each category.

  • Eligible courses must correspond to student’s current grade level
    • Rationale: Students are recognized for their achievements according to grade level. Many students take courses above their grade level.  To ensure that calculations are accurate, eligible courses will match a students’ grade level.  This will also accommodate students who take courses above their grade level (e.g. grade 12 courses will be counted for grade 12 honours even if they are taken in grade 11 or grade 10).

  • Increased explanation in criteria details including core courses
    • Rationale: To provide transparency to students and families.

  • Communication to DRCSS families near the end of September 2020 and in January 2021 through announcements, website, and in class discussions
    • Rationale: Moving to blended learning was a significant change.  We wanted to reduce information overload by waiting until routines were established before putting changes on announcements and website.  A subsequent announcement in January went out to ensure students were able to make any timetable changes necessary before second semester.