Attendance Policy & Incentives


The attendance policy at the DRCSS states that a parent/guardian has 48 hours to confirm the student's absence with a valid reason. If not confirmed within that time frame, the absence will remain as unexcused on our records. Students who are found skipping will be placed on an in-school suspension by the appropriate grade level administrator. Furthermore, if a student is absent for extended period of time, they may be removed from their assigned classes and alternative programming may be considered.



The criteria and specifics of the DRCSS attendance incentive are listed below:


Weekly Attendance  

To be eligible for weekly attendance ballots, prefect attendance for that week must be achieved. If the student maintains a minimum of 3 courses and 90% overall attendance throughout the semester, those ballots will be entered into the final attendance draw at the end of the school year.


Monthly Incentives

- To be eligible for the DRCSS monthly incentives, a minimum of 3 courses in a semester is required with no absences or lates with the exception of those related to school activities.  The draw for monthly perfect attendance will take place at the end of each month with the incentive (donated by the monthly community sponsor).