Classrooms Relocated Due to Maintenance Issue

A number of our classrooms have been temporarily relocated due to a maintenance issue.  Earlier this week, one of the school’s multiple air handling units malfunctioned and requires repair.  The Division has contacted a contractor and is arranging for the repairs to take place as quickly as possible.

The remaining air handling units have been recently assessed by an HVAC engineering firm and they are working properly.  To ensure students and staff are learning and working in the safest and most comfortable environment possible, we have closed the section impacted by the malfunction and moved those classes to areas of the school where optimal ventilation is present while repairs take place.

To further improve air quality in the building, the Division has ordered additional Austin Air (HEPA Medical Grade) Filtration Systems to be placed in each of the remaining classrooms until the repair is complete.  The units should be in place early next week.  

The Division will be monitoring systems to ensure they continue to function properly. 

On January 17, all students will return to in-person learning.  Signage will be posted as to where teachers’ classrooms have been moved.  Staff will be available to help students locate their new classrooms, as needed.  The safety of students and staff remains the top priority at the DRCSS.  We will continue to communicate any changes in order to provide the safest learning environment for everyone.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Casavant at 204-638-4629.